My fitness journey 

I’m literally only 3 months into it!
Here are some facts

  1. I haven’t lost weight
  2. I’m not on a salad only diet
  3. I’m Lifting weights, not much cardio 

Why do I continue?

  • I’m so much healthier than I used to be. I have more energy and get sick less! 

Now I’m not saying that exercise will stop you getting a cold. Not matter how strong you are you can get a virus. But my ability to work through sickness and keep going in my daily life stronger and longer is an awesome and welcome change.

  • Salad alone is not going to get me through a workout. 

I’m not great at diets. Mainly because most people say that I need to cut down to only 1200 calories… but here’s what I am doing!

  1. Increasing my vegetable intake 
  2. Changing to brown rice (in Japan rice is a big staple)
  3. Trying to cut simple carbs down to reduce sugars in my system
  4. Saying no to unhealthy snacks and treats 6 days a week. 

So far, less stomach problems! Yay!

  • Lifting weights is an awesome feeling. 

Like most women, I bought into “women need more cardio, not weights”. But thankfully the trainers at the gym convinced me to try strength training. (Thank you Gold’s Gym) I’ve learned that being able to lift stronger weights is a real confidence booster. 

What has this got to do with leadership or teaching? I’m a better, more energetic and reliable person for having gotten healthier. And it’s reflected in my work. 
And we’ll see how it goes 🙂

Follow the Leader?

Teaching and doing worksheets, I realised how much education is based on “listen to me, now tell me the answer from what I just said”



How little education is about figuring things out, or standing out and being a leader.
As a teacher, I know the importance of teaching kids to follow, but it’s also too easy to forget the importance of letting kids try out things their own way.  


Who do I want to be? The teacher that stops a kids from making up words to their own songs?
Do I want to be the teacher that won’t accept any answer but that which I’m aiming for?
Who am I teaching?
Robots? Little automatons that follow only and don’t get creative? 


Or do I want to be the teacher that encourages to see shapes in the clouds, invents new words, creates silly dances. 
My keywords this coming May?

Teaching vs Learning

A teacher once said to me, “your students are more concerned with talking about your clothes/accessories than looking at the flashcards”
Well, I’m an English Teacher, so my reply was “awesome! I should wear something crazy everyday!”

At that, some people get confused. And here is a short simple way to understand why I’m so happy that my student was “not” paying attention:

  • Flashcards are a tool for teaching. Any teacher that thinks that the point of the lesson is the flashcards, might as well accept that their stunt will only ever be capable of shouting out random words when they see an object.  
  • Learning isn’t limited to the classroom or even the teacher’s input. It’s about understanding and putting into context the world around you. When a student of English comments “it’s so cute” while you are doing something else, it isn’t a sign that the child isn’t learning. It’s the opposite.   
  • Teaching isn’t limited to the materials in your hands, it should include every action you make around students, how you respond to their creativity, and being interested in their interests.   

Teaching will only get the students to your level. Encouraging students to learn will push them beyond even the teacher’s abilities. 


“LEXはいつも新しいことを学べる場所! You always learn new things at LEX!”

I go to this every Wednesday, and my Japanese is getting better!

Language Exchange Sendai

Before I started coming to this church, I was never any good at English. But my English has been improving to the point where I could understand what was being said in English in the movie ‘Noah’ with LEX recently!
Of course I read the subtitles too, but now I’m getting better at understanding the audio, too!

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Where is it! Fun finding things in the dark.

Step 1) can’t find iphone.

Step 2) maybe it’s in my bag

Step 3) light is off already

Step 4) can’t find bag in the dark

Step 5) pick up iphone

Step 6) turn on flashlight app.

Step 7) use flashlight app to find my bag.

Step 8) start looking in my bag for my iphone.


There is a distinct possibility that I’m tired.


Unsung Musicians (Pt1) … Kat McDowell


Name: Kat McDowell
Sound: vocals and acoustic guitar/vocals and full band (the Underdogs)
Language: English/Japanese

Kat is an awesome singer/musician.

Creating her own music as well as doing covers, she has a soothing effect at the same time as making you want to get up and dance!

She writes and sings in both Japanese and English, and has released her own albums on iTunes.

Kat always gives her heart in live performances, and really connects with her audience.

Check out her website for more information.


lexJLH Sendai

Pancake Day!

Ok, so pancake day was ages ago, and it’s not really celebrated in Japan. But I missed it this year, and I wanted PANCAKES

My friend came over, and we made pancakes with fresh sweet mango sauce! (Comment if you want the recipe)

Topped with ice cream and fresh Mangos, and vanilla macadamia nut coffee on the side, I can say that this was in the top ten of my favourite brunches!


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Lifehouse Sendai Kids Church

There is a place, in Sendai, where kids can go on Sundays, play games, do crafts, and learn about Stories from the Bible.

It’s here!

Outside Studio Lumos Collection

Outside Studio Lumos Collection

Which you can find here!

click to go to googlemap

click to go to googlemap

It’s full of Fun, laughter, joy, and “Tammy Sensei” – Yes, that’s me!


Kids from 3 up are welcome.

English lesson doors open from 11:40 almost every Sunday, and Kids Church doors doors open at 12:30.

Find out more about free English lessons for Kids from HERE!

Got Kids? Check it out!

note* please send an email to if you will com, so we can prepare materials, and advise of any cancelled events.

lexJLH Sendai

What is this world costing us? – A look at what focusing on the dark things does to us.

Serious moment.

There is evil in this world.

There is suffering, hurt, pain, sickness…

and worst of all there are people creating this. We do not live in a perfect world, we live in a world that allows these things to happen. And it is beyond our comprehension. Those of us who can’t accept this bury their heads in the sand and say it isn’t happening because they are so far removed from it.



Others are so torn up that they campaign, speak out, get involved and won’t stop till they see the end of that evil. image
I applaud them and pray that they succeed.

But there is something more important that people often overlook, and hardly ever makes it into the news.

There are people out there working hard to make this world better!
There is love, joy, peace and happiness in this work alongside the darkness.

When did he world get so dark that we forgot to look for the light?
Aren’t these the things that those people I applaud working for?

Archer: Because I cant save humanity, without holding on to the things that make me human. (Star Trek, Enterprise)


The things in this world such as Hope, Faith and love, are the things that make this life worth living.

I won’t give up. I won’t hide. I won’t act just because it will make me feel better to do so.

I will act out of love. I will do my best to make a difference in the lives of every person I meet because they deserve to be loved. And this world needs more light, not darkness

What gives me my strength?

What gives you your strength?

What gives you an unshakable foundation that will never fail?

I will not tell anyone what to believe, but I will tell you this, and very few can disagree (feel free to message me otherwise)

If you have something to believe in, that is unshakable, unbreakable, unconditional, and makes you understand why Joy can exist in this world, you will always know that this world is amazing, despite the hurt, suffering and pain within it.

This world isn’t perfect, neither am I.

Why not try to use what is good in it rather than glorify the bad?

lexJLH Sendai

Up the Hill! – Celebrating small successes

The day before writing this post, I achieved something.

I got all the way up the hill on my bicycle without having to get off and walk!

When I got home, I shared this with my roommates, who immediately hugged my and celebrated with me.

Am I an athlete? – No

Am I disabled and overcoming a huge impasse in my life? – no

Am I trying to make a difference in my life by being healthier? – Yes.

Not that steep, but it goes pretty far!

Not that steep, but it goes pretty far!


This was not a huge victory over a large obstacle, this was not an amazing success compared to others. – but the first step to being successful, and helping others to be successful, too, is to

celebrate the small successes.

by celebrating this small fact, and the ones that come after, I am ensuring myself of further successes.

2nd anniversary

So when you hear that something was achieved, don’t belittle it’s value, just celebrate!

Jesus Lifehouse Sendailex