Finding the Way

I always tell people that when I meet someone for the first time,  I start as if I’m in the middle of  a conversation.

This blog is going to be an exploration of dealing with challenges, Stories of inspiration and encouragement, and something to hopefully inspire the reader in Each Post.

Starting a new Journey

Before the Big Changes

Today was the first of the new Wednesday series at Jesus LifeHouse Church. Relationships “Summer of Love”. What do men want in a woman. Well I know I have some positive points about me, but I also found out some areas in which I need to challenge myself.

That’s why today is Finding The Way, I need to figure out what things in my life are priorities, and how to organise my life around those.

My priorities are:

  • God
  • Church and  Life Group
  • People
  • Video Team
  • career
In all of these things I have vision.
I have vision in God, to be as close to Him as possible.
Therefore I have a vision to build His church, and raise up leaders who will touch the lives of others.
I have vision for the video team. That it will touch the lives of people not only in Japan, but all over the world.
I have vision in my career. I am a teacher, who has a passion for passing on knowledge and love to the next generation. Pastor Rod spoke a long time ago about people in Tokyo saying “I’m Just a teacher” and since then I’ve realised that I’m doing a job which is more than “just” anything, I’m responsible for the education of the future of Japan.

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