Stepping Back to Move Forward

There was a stage not too long ago when I was involved with many varying teams of the Jesus LifeHouse Tokyo.

I was in the Worship choir, The interior creative team, the video team, the pod-casting team,  and the follow-up team.

All of these teams are amazing, and gave me a great zeal for the church, but of course I was spread too thin all-round. I stopped growing myself, and could only partially help in each area, not having enough time to dedicate myself to any projects.

At that time I could only think of how much I wanted to serve the church, and how much I loved Video, music, art and people. I didn’t realise that because I wasn’t focusing, I couldn’t move forward in any area, and so I stayed the same for a while.

It took a conversation with My leader Tess to understand that I was only hurting myself. Like trying to grow a tree in threes different pots at the same time. It just can’t grow! It needs to be in firm stable earth. That’s what I needed.

I decided to Step back from my other duties, to be less involved in some areas, and be more involved in Video team. After that I found a new passion and spark for the team that I hadn’t known before. I felt far more at peace, took the time to learn more, and get more involved in projects. I’m still involved in other areas of the church, but I know what my Priorities are, and I’m always moving forward.

As for the video team? We’re moving forward too.  We are going through a time of change and challenge, but now, more than ever (after the earthquake) we realise the importance of getting the word of God out there, to everyone that we can. The largest challenge? Finding people with vision and passion to build the church – I believe that those people we have now are amazing, and I believe for others like them.

I believe in Jesus Lifehouse TV

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