The importance of being earnest

Over the past few years I’ve found that if your intentions are not right, then you won’t get the results that you want. some examples of this are:


  • Giving someone a gift, but you know they don’t want it, so maybe you’ll get to keep it or use it yourself  —  The result? Although you may get the thing you want, the level of friendship and love that you had with that person will be marred.
  • Going to a place you know you don’t like just to see someone you have a crush on  —  The result? You may get to know that person better, but he/she may have a false impression of you.
  • Looking like a different person in different places, in order to get the promotion you want, the partner you hope for and the social life you always wanted  — The result? Maybe you get all that, but you need to compartmentalize every part of your life, and never let it cross over. Wo betide the person that is out with friends and bumps into the boss, or the one who can never let their partner see what they do for work.


These are just a few examples of how not only our actions, but our intentions can really make a difference.


I am not a perfect person, no man or woman on this earth is, but I try to “check my heart” every day. I know that the reason I’m teaching is not for the early finishing hours (which are nice by the way), but for the passion I have in raising up the younger generation. Since I changed my job last April, I’ve seen exactly how much affect one person, or one team of people can really change a child. If there’s a person around you that is only doing what they are for self-interest, or as a means to an end, then you feel it. If not on a conscious level, then a subconscious level.

In my life it’s important to me that those closest to me are only those with intentions that are sincere. If a person’s intention in getting to know me is that they like me or want to like me, then they’ll have made a good friend.  If their intention is to get through me to another person, or get something that I can give them, then I’ll be keeping them at a distance.


It’s the same with my team. I know that the people in my team are there to serve the church, and build the team. Perhaps video isn’t their passion, but that’s ok, it doesn’t have to be. I’m really impressed by the sincerity, integrity, and commitment of my team. Though we’ll grow, change and move around, or even move into different areas of the church, I will never cease to be made glad of what we have done, are doing, and will continue to do together.

My intentions in writing this blog?

For those who want a real look into what it is to be a leader, for those who want to see what my team and Life group is doing, and to give people a vision for church, leadership and the video team!


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