Growth in Change

Recently there have been a lot of changes in the video team at church.

New members joining, old members moving on to other teams (and countries) and people stepping up into leadership.

My Leaders are amazing, I ask for a task to be done, and when I turn around again, not only did they do that task but they’ve seen problems, looked for solutions and trained each other in troubleshooting. I couldn’t ask for more than that of the people I’m putting my faith into.

As new members join, this aspect is more important than ever, that we can all rely on each other, and learn to do the things we never expected. I’ve told many people before that when I first joined the video team I could barely operate a camera, yet vision, determination and the willingness to learn something new was what brought me into being first a good team member, and now a leader. I see the dedication that my new/old members are putting into every day. I want to thank them and show them that they’ve made an amazing difference to the lives of every person who watches the Jesus Lifehouse Videos and listens to the MP3s.

Every small thing that we do brings people closer to Jesus, and that is no small feat, it is something to be marvelled at.

Change is uncomfortable, brings us into unfamiliar places and shakes our world. Japan is truly going through a time of change too. I have seen people who’ve been uprooted, lost so much and yet while some are lost and wandering, others continue with determination. The difference? Foundation.

An ever Changing ever-smiling team

If you have a strong unshakable Foundation in your life, then no matter what the changes around you are you will know what truely matters in your life. My foundation is God, and I’ve built up from that with faith, belief, hope, trust, sincerity and thoughts of others. This type of foundation is truly unshakable, because if I lose everything else, my Faith in God remains. I’ve thought a lot about the things I’ve lost in regards to the video team, I’ve lost potential team members along with stable and gifted leaders (not to mention cables, adapters and the occasional schedule). Through all that though, it never really occurred to me that it could be a bad thing. Losing leaders who move away or decide to serve in another are of passion means two good things.

1) They have a chance to do something amazing where they are going and he area they choose to serve in is going to benefit amazingly from their having passion for the team.

2) There is now an opportunity for someone to step up and grow into leadership.

I truly believe in change. I may feel uncomfortable, I may not want it, I may even try to fight it on occasion, but I will grow and learn from it. If I could possibly have any affect on this world, I’d make it so that all people could find the positive outcomes in even the most devastating changes.

So what’s your challenge in change? Stop trying to fight it and start using it!


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