Building a Team – New Leaders!

Recently there’s been a change of leadership in the Video Team.

Laura has moved from Sunday’s to Saturdays, and is building up a team from scratch! It takes dedication and a will to keep going, but I believe in her and her love for church and people. I can’t think of a better choice.

Andy Has Moved into Leadership and so has Eiki! They are new to leadership but they have amazing hearts, dedication and potential.

And a new Sub-Leader of the video team overall, Victor. His passion, dedication and vision for the team and for church is just so amazing that I wanted to spread it out through the rest of the team.

It's fun to mix Videos

Playing with the mixer


Building up together

Starting from scratch will a heart for people.

With all these changes happening, It’s understandable that things will need adjusting.

But our team is amazing. Turning up early, going home late, helping out everyone.

What we really are praying for is new members, who want to learn new skill, grow a passion for the church, and bring their own personal vision into those around them. As a team it is up to all of us to help each other in our vision, grow together and Love God!!

Who are we looking for?

Someone who loves God, goes to Lifegroup, and wants to serve.

I’m not looking for people who know how to use everything, and can give me a proffessional ‘service’ (though I wouldn’t say “No”), We’re looking for people who want to come regularly, learn a new skill and build up the church.


I think that the key to building up a team and team leaders is just that, not looking for a ready made team member, but someone with the heart to serve. From there it’s our responsibility to nurture that heart, and watch it grow into passion and vision. I’ve already stated that when I started I knew nothing about video cameras, not even how to hold a tripod. But now My heart, passion and vision are all into the team I dedicated myself to.

International Standard Version(©2008)
because where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

Team leaders need to spend time with everyone, to ensure that their vision is being spread to others and that they are putting their “treasure” into the area in which they have devoted themselves to. It’s easy for passion to dwindle if there is nothing there to fuel the fire.

This is how I’m going to step up. I’m going to make sure that my treasure is in the video team!

Where will you put yours?


One comment on “Building a Team – New Leaders!

  1. Tamsyn you are an awesome leader! Thank you for your encouragements and your contagious smiles! All the best for the video team. God bless! -JS

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