Commitment = Growth

I’ve recently been talking a lot to my team members about commitment.

The basic point: Tell me when you can come, and if you can’t, let me know.

Is this because I need to feel in control? No.

Is it because I need to report to others? – well, a little (I’m not going to lie to you)

Is it because I’m aiming for growth – Most definitely.

If you think about businesses, why is it that they ask you to come to a set schedule, attend training and commit to spending a certain amount of time in the company?


This makes you realize that others actually rely on you. If you don’t turn up to work, others have to cover for you. Having a schedule truly makes you feel needed and part of a team.


I have actually been to a job where I was just expected to start straight off, and although I knew roughly what the job entailed, I had no idea of the expectations. I didn’t know where anything was, and I hadn’t worked in that environment very long. Understandably, I didn’t last very long, felt emotionally drained and learnt nothing (except that I didn’t want that situation again).

Training is there to either give you skills you didn’t have or help you expand your current skill set. It can give you vision and interest, and reignite passion in something that was once “old hat”.


If you only enter a workplace with a view to being there a short time, then two things are not going to happen.

The company won’t invest in you, so you lose out. You won’t invest your time and energy into the company, so they lose out.

If you decide, “ok, I’ll be here for a while, and I7m going to do my best to bless this company”, then you have an opportunity to invest in the company, and they will want to invest in you. Simple as.

If you combine all three; Schedule, Training and Commitment, then what you’ll get is a company with stable employees, and a great vision for the future. You’ll also become a valued employee, with a heart to grow as much as you can, and the company will support you in that.

Why not apply the same to every area of your life? you can grow so much just by following the basics.

Here are a few areas of life that if you schedule, train yourself (or find a role model to “train” you) and commit to, then you will grow amazingly.

  • Church/church team
  • Family
  • Lifegroup/cell group
  • Volunteer work
  • Partner
  • work
  • housework
  • communication with others
  • hobbies
There’s a lot more but these are just some things that most people find that can be hard to keep up.
How simple is it?
Schedule + Training + Commitment = Growth.

Colossians 1:10

New International Version (NIV)

10 so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God,

Growth will not happen unless you decide that it is something that you not only want, but will work towards.
I want to grow, So I’ve committed to be a person who will make the time to do things, learn the things I need to know for the future, and be there when I’ve promised. If I can keep my heart in these three things, I can overcome all obstacles in my way.

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