Getting Stronger

For a long time I felt that my team wasn’t growing at church, that people weren’t committing well, and that only a few people were actually daring to dream of bigger things for the video team. I realised that instead of focusing outwards on the problem, finding fault in others and thinking it was beyond my control, That I needed to reflect on what the core things are that a team needs in order to grow. I found that a lot of things were things I hadn’t been putting 100% into, and therefore wasn’t getting much out of it.


There are some key things that any team needs to become stronger. Among these are:

  • Leadership
  • Vision
  • Determination
When a leader falters, there can be no results. Even if individuals work hard, where will that energy go?
If you are a leader, manager or supervisor, you need to really be on top of things. Putting energy into your team, organisation or employees is actually not that hard, and if you keep up your own energy level then 70% of the work is done. The rest is encouragement, nurturing and praise.
Casting vision is the most useful tool in getting others to work hard for something. If there is something to aim for, we all know what we can work towards and how we fit into the big picture. Vision needs to be far-sighted, attainable and you need steps to get there. For example, if your vision is to be a great teacher, then it’s a good idea to think about where you want to be teaching and who to, is there some skill that you have that can be turned into a teaching subject or teaching tool, and also what courses you can take and experience will you need to gain to achieve that position. apply this to an employee and you get “what job do you want to end up with?”, “Do you have the potential to achieve the necessary skills?” and “What Job will help me get there?”  Vision only works when you are working towards it.
To get any results, be determined. If you can’t be determined in your Vision, then no matter how much you try to lead, or cast vision into others, you will not get through the first trial.  I believe that determination is the fuel that drives our vision, and leadership is how we steer.
To get stronger we need to have great leaders, become good leaders, keep our eyes on the future, know what we want, and go for it.

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