Amazing Vision

As a leader and an video team member I’ve posted about how important it is to share a goal.

Now I want to share about the importance of having a personal vision and passion.

Recently I’ve been thinking about where my life is going, and for a long while I knew that my future was uncertain. I couldn’t decide on a place or goal that I really and realistically wanted to acheive. But now I have a real goal and a target. All of it is to do with God’s big plan.

God wants to see people saved, brought to Him and live in developing a relationship with Him, to live for eternity in Heaven. It’s actually very simple.

My vision is to help people have the opportunity to meet with Him and taste and see that the Lord is good. I can’t give people a personal revelation about this, but I can see that people can get a chance to hear about it, and if they are open, to help them see God.

This is important; no matter what your vision is, it can be used to further God’s plan.

If your goal is to be a director, then great! why not put God’s heart into whatever you are doing? And if you want to be a business person? Fantastic! Bring God’s grace, wisdom and truth into your workplace. Don’t think that just because you have a personal goal, that it must take you away from God’s big vision. The only personal goal that could do that is; “I want to be a dishonest corrupter who hides God from the world” – unless that is your target, you can pretty much be rest assured that your personal vision ties in with God’s, especially if it ties in with your passion, and you are encouraged by scripture.

What is a good vision?

When you have an idea, or a spur of the moment inspiration, this is a great start or a sign of passion, but is it really vision?

When your heart is touched by something you see or an event, it could mean;

  1. You have it in your heart and soul that you can do something about it and are given the feeling by God
  2. you are empathetic and want to support it
  3. You are human and not devoid of emotion.
So which is it and how can you tell?
Firstly, is it something that is backed-up by God? I don’t mean church supported (though this is a good sign) but i mean that if you are the kind of person who prays, and reads the bible, what is there that God is saying to you that supports your feeling/decision? If there isn’t anything there, then maybe you fall into categories 1 and 2.
Secondly, Is it something that you can really get 100% involved in? How is it going to change your life, and the lives of those around you? Perhaps you have seen an advertisement about starving children in Africa, and you feel very much for the cause. But what if at the same tiome you have a young babhy at home and a spouse that needs you. Is it really vision from God that you leave your own child to go and help, or to take that young one with you? perhaps at this point, support from afar would be the option.
True vision doesn’t always come in a flash, It can take years to build up, and be realised only much later.  can’t say how many times I’ve had a personal dream for my future, and given it up all to easily. If  something isn’t supported or is easy to let go of because of outside influence, then how could that have been true vision?
The signs of a true vision:
  • The feeling that this is something that is impossible NOT to achieve
  • Backed up by scripture
  • Links to God’s big vision
  • Easy to explain because in your heart it is So Simple.
Don’t give up on vision, but do make sure that it is a vision that can be used for the Bigger vision, and work hard to achieve it!

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