Getting Ready for Something Great

Tonight we started setting up for Jesus Lifehouse conference 2011. The theme? The Rise of the Local Church.

It’s going to be am amazing day with great messages, advice and people!

It’s going to be truely awesome.

The other day I was waiting for this shampoo and conditioner which I’d ordered over the Internet. It was my first time doing that in japan and I was really excited. I realised that a great amount of anticipation was building up inside of me. When it finally came I was really excited, hyper and ready to use it!!

Now times that by a multitude and try to imagine how I feel about the conference!

Video team is ready, and we are raring to go!
Cables laid down, desk set-up, just going to put up key equipment, and then… All we need are people!

This is going to be epic!

Don’t miss out.


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