Sendai Bound; Building Leaders

I said a little in my previous post, but here’s the Big News:

I’m moving to Sendai!!!!

I’m planning on leaving next March/April time. And I’m really looking forward to it.

The reason?
Jesus Lifehouse Sendai.

It’s just started, and I’m going there to help out. It’s big. It’s life-changing. It’s all for the vision.

I can’t think of anything better than to do my best for something that’s close to my heart. As a leader it’s hard to contemplate leaving my Lifegroup girls and the teams I serve, but I know that the people I’ve been building up are more than able to cope without me. It’s not sad, it’s truth!

So the point; leaders build up leaders, not followers. That way they know that come what may, the vision, drive and skill that they fought so hard for will always be passed on.

I’m glad to have Key, Solid people to rely on.

Are you building up leaders or training followers?

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