Focusing through the challenges

When a big event is going to happen in my life, or something that I’m really looking forward to is drawing near, people can have a tendency to feel suddenly unmotivated, or even fall ill.

I’ve had a request to talk more about overcoming this.

Whether psychosomatic, or an actual illness, the fact is that you feel bad. This is either the result of stress or an imbalance in your body’s chemistry.
I like to think of it as a challenge.

As a child and a teen, when I had a vacation, a dance recital or just an amazing opportunity come up, I’d start to feel sick closer to the day.

I missed out on so much because of this.

As an adult, I’ve faced the same situation. But I now see it as a challenge to rise up and take the opportunity that will let me enjoy something that I’d otherwise have missed out on.

Here’s how I rise up.

I set my mind to always put the answers to these questions first:

What do I believe in?
Who am I doing this for?
How can I live to achieve my ideal life?

For everyone the answers are different, but here are mine:
God and Jesus
Church and people
Living right and reading the bible.

If you find your own answers to these questions, you can remember the reasons you want to go to that concert/party, meet your friend, take that vacation or even go for that amazing job.

These are just some examples but feel free to post about more and ask questions! (facebook, email, linkedin and twitter are also accepted).

What are your answers to these questions? How can they help you focus through the next challenge in your life?

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