Under the apple tree…

“Give… Why?!”

People are always saying that “hard word bears good fruit”, and “give and you’ll receive, just like planting seeds, you bear fruit in time”

I wanted to see just how much a person could get from planting just one seed. So I looked at apples. In one apple there aren’t that many seeds, so that’s easy right? Wrong.

Each apple can produce up to ten seeds.

Ok, so I’ll only plant one, and take care of that, simple right?

Each seed can make one apple tree.

Cool, so that’s simple math. But then it got harder…

143.26 apples are found on the average world-wide apple tree

Ok… That’s cool, but uh oh, there’s more…

Apple trees can bear fruit for 35 years

That’s a lot of fruit from one seed!

I don’t even want to do the maths…

(especially as the number of apples per year change every year)

So if I’m giving to something I truly believe in, and taking care of it and never giving up, in time I’ll have so many apples that I’m going to have to give them away, not to mention all those extra seeds I’m going to have laying around.

The moral of this story is…

Plant seeds… expect fruit. – but you need to take care of your plant.

And what good is it having all those apples if you cant harvest them, or have anyone to help you eat them?

If you can see past this badly disguised metaphor, let me know what you think it means… (email, facebook, twitter, or google+)

This post was a bit more enigmatic than normal, but don’t worry, I’ll get back to normal soon enough.

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