Journaling is like reading an Internet “how to” manual.

Journaling is like reading an Internet “how to” manual.

You can’t just read an Internet manual once and know everything it has to say on the subject.

The Internet is always changing, and while it does, we need to keep learning.

Ok, so we don’t usually look up how to use the Internet or keep updated with news on the changes, but we still get along fine. But can we really say that we can always use it exactly how we want and when we want? Are we all HTML experts or web designers? Can we all look at a code and know what a page would look like from reading it?

Obviously the answer is: most of us can’t.
We would need to keep updated, listen to all the news and keep going back to study codes to understand.
Of course not many people actually want to do this, and so we all get by the best we can by trying to figure it out as we go.

It’s the same with journaling. Can you really read the bible once and know how it’s applicable to every point in our future lives?
We need to keep going back, re-visiting old passages and assessing what it means. Keep looking up what God said in the bible in order to listen to what God is saying about the situation right now.

Again, most people just want to know enough to get by and they go through life as best they can, but I don’t want that for me.

I want more.
I want to become an expert, a designer of my own life, I want to be able to look at my actions and see the story of my life unfold.

I want to live an amazing life, not just get by in it?
How much do you want?

One comment on “Journaling is like reading an Internet “how to” manual.

  1. So true! Just as we journal from day to day,we should also keep reading the scriptures in order to better understand what God has said or done, and how it relates to us today,because He is the same today, yesterday, and forever. Thanks. 🙂

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