Blessing, Upon Blessing, Upon…


Jesus Lifehouse was, as usual, energetic, fun and relevant, with great music and a simple, easy to understand message. Just in a different location, Sendai.

Wonderful people had a great time getting to know each other, find out more about each other, hang out and talk about the things that really matter, as well as the things we just love.
I had a most amazing day at Jesus Lifehouse Sendai, meeting new people, seeing a record number of people so far (29) and 6 people put their hands up to respond to Jesus.

I was thinking that the day couldn’t get any better.
Then I found that there were more great surprises in store for me.

I went to be picked up and taken to my place to stay for training at my new school, only to be taken out and treated to dinner. I was thinking “this is good, because I won’t have time to go shopping and buy stuff”. and after having a great time with two wonderful women, I was taken to my ‘place to stay’. I’m only here for three nights, but They’ve given me a whole apartment to use. They’ve stocked the shelves with food, as well as the fridge, and provided absolutely everything I will need for the next few days!

I can’t believe that I’m this blessed in one day.

I’m feeling that everyday I’m making the right choices in my life, and being rewarded for them.
I know that when I go back to Tokyo and prepare to leave, I will be that much more energised in everything that I do.

How’ve you been blessed this week?

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