Are you really Happy?

I used to get asked this question a lot

Are you Happy?

And of course I said:


Wouldn’t everyone?
But of course I wouldn’t always mean it. I just said it to keep everyone else happy.
But now I’ve noticed a big difference in my life.

Nobody asks me that question anymore!
I didn’t notice it for a while, but now I noticed that the questions I’m asked have changed. It’s no longer

“Are you happy?”


“Why are you always so happy?” 

My answer;

I’m happy because I believe in something greater than myself, and am determined to be always filled with Joy. That way, when anything bad happens, I still know I have something constantly good in my life.

Happiness is a reaction, Joy is an attitude.
My question to you (contrary to my title) isn’t Are you Happy?

Are You Joyful?


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