Asking for It

Looking for a seat in a cafe, I can’t help seeing a difference in those who are doing the same as me.


I look for opportunities, where is there a small place that I can get into. “If I can get in there, maybe luck will give me something bigger”

Another, “There’s nothing here, I’ll just leave”

And another, “I’ll stand around and wait”

The last, “I’ll make it very obvious that I’m waiting, till people feel so uncomfortable that they want to leave.”

You can see different attitudes that people have on life if you stay in that cafe long enough.


Those that look for any opportunity and take a chance
Those that give up at the first sign of failure or disappointment
Those that are patient but not willing to take a risk
Those that force others to bend to their will

And many more.

How we live our everyday lives can affect who we are, and who we become.

I found my seat, I got my opportunity for a better one. This will happen in my life too, I believe.

    How do you get a seat in a crowded cafe?
    Does it reflect who you are?

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