Freedom from…

For a long time, I couldn’t help myself
I was addicted! To Chocolate; to Tv; to Manga; to books; to ice cream; to computer games; to lying in bed all day! (actually I’m still working on that last one…)

Many people think “oh, those aren’t serious addictions, they’re just life!”

Addiction: addiction is a persistent, compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance.

  • The fact is, when you are addicted, it’s hard to even notice. It wasn’t until I found myself telling people “no I’m too busy”, or lying about what I was doing that night, just so I could go home. ‘I have to watch that episode again, and see if the next chapter in that manga has come out yet’

    Once I realized that I was giving up life, in favour of fantasy, I challenged myself to change.
    With the support of my friends here in Japan, and my Church. In the full belief that God has greater plans for me, I let go of these addictions.
    It was hard work, it wasn’t easy, I was challenged many times.
    But I broke free!

    What do you need to break free from?

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