Language Exchange Sendai スタート!

Ever Wednesday and Sunday, if you live in Sendai, you have a chance to go to the hottest thing in town. Language Exchange! (LEX)
LEX is an awesome place to learn English AND Japanese, make NEW FRIENDS and overall HAVE FUN!

Check out how we are doing, what’s going on, and any special events via the blog or website, and be a part of something amazing. The world is changing, and Sendai is making breakthroughs in bringing people from different countries together.


Language Exchange Sendai

仙台で、”英語または日本語の力をもっとつけたい!” ”いろいろな国の人と友達になりたい!”そんな人たちのためにランゲージ・エクスチェンジ(LEX)があります!

Are you living in Sendai? Do you want to improve your English or Japanese and make friends from all over the world? Then Language Exchange is for you!

LEXは、東京 大阪 札幌 福岡 香港、そして仙台で行われています。

Language Exchange is happening in Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Hong Kong, and now SENDAI!


It’s a free event every week where people can come to practice their everyday English and Japanese. Learn some new expressions about a weekly topic, and practice them with native speakers. There are people from all over the world at Language Exchange, including America, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many more!

It’s also a chance to meet Japanese, who may be studying to enhance their English, or looking to exchange their native language for yours! Whoever you meet at LEX, you are sure to learn new and exciting things as well as make awesome friends!
Language Exchangeは、ライフハウス仙台 インターナショナル教会の協力で行われています。仙台で週2回行われています!事前にサインアップは必要ないので、ぜひ来てください!
Language Exchange is…

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