My fitness journey 

I’m literally only 3 months into it!
Here are some facts

  1. I haven’t lost weight
  2. I’m not on a salad only diet
  3. I’m Lifting weights, not much cardio 

Why do I continue?

  • I’m so much healthier than I used to be. I have more energy and get sick less! 

Now I’m not saying that exercise will stop you getting a cold. Not matter how strong you are you can get a virus. But my ability to work through sickness and keep going in my daily life stronger and longer is an awesome and welcome change.

  • Salad alone is not going to get me through a workout. 

I’m not great at diets. Mainly because most people say that I need to cut down to only 1200 calories… but here’s what I am doing!

  1. Increasing my vegetable intake 
  2. Changing to brown rice (in Japan rice is a big staple)
  3. Trying to cut simple carbs down to reduce sugars in my system
  4. Saying no to unhealthy snacks and treats 6 days a week. 

So far, less stomach problems! Yay!

  • Lifting weights is an awesome feeling. 

Like most women, I bought into “women need more cardio, not weights”. But thankfully the trainers at the gym convinced me to try strength training. (Thank you Gold’s Gym) I’ve learned that being able to lift stronger weights is a real confidence booster. 

What has this got to do with leadership or teaching? I’m a better, more energetic and reliable person for having gotten healthier. And it’s reflected in my work. 
And we’ll see how it goes 🙂

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