Freedom from…

For a long time, I couldn’t help myself
I was addicted! To Chocolate; to Tv; to Manga; to books; to ice cream; to computer games; to lying in bed all day! (actually I’m still working on that last one…)

Many people think “oh, those aren’t serious addictions, they’re just life!”
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An Invitation

Easter is coming!

It’s the biggest event of the Christian yearly calender and there is no way you should miss it!
What does it involve?

Chocolate, friends, church and the most inspiring story you’ve ever heard in your life!

If you want to know about what Easter is really about, please click on the link below, and find your nearest Jesus Lifehouse!

And even better news…

If you can’t come, you can watch it on-line!

Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the biggest celebration of the year.

What does Easter mean to you?

Post V-Day Aftermath

This year is the first year I haven’t given out chocolate, cards or a cake for St Valentine’s day.

It’s not necesarily a bad thing, and I felt that I shouldn’t do it only because it’s expected.
But now that V-Day is over, I feel that I missed out on a great opportunity to tell my friends, coworkers and family just how much they mean to me.
I love Valentines day, and I know that next year I’m going to do as much as I possibly can for it, not because it’s expected, but because I love everyone!
So here’s a special Valentine’s message.

If you have a partner, cherish them. A partner isn’t just for Valentines day, they’re for life.

If you don’t have a partner, believe that every day becomes Valentine’s day when you meet them, so don’t get too worked up over February 14th.

I love my family, I love my friends.

This day is for you, will it stop tomorrow? or is it to be continued…

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