Great Expectations

So many people have high expectations of others.

Parents expect their children to go to university, children expect their parents to be able to solve any problem, and patients expect their doctor to cure them.

These aren’t bad expectations. We should always hope the best for our children, trust in our parents and expect our doctors to try their best.

But how far should we go?

Some women expect their future partner to come riding in on a white horse, some parents expect their children to get perfect in every test and become high level executives, and some people expect others to be infallible.

Is putting that pressure on other people really a good thing?

Most children will lie to their parents at some stage in their life, and a lot of people will try to make themselves sound more important than they actually are. The reason? There is this emotional need to have people approve of them.

What are your expectations of others? Are they high enough to challenge them or so high that they are unattainable?

When one Door closes…

A window is opened.

I love the idea that even when you make plans in your life, anything can happen to shake them up.

When I was 17, my plans for my life were big, but not great.

I thought only of what I wanted. What I could get out of life, and what would give me as much as possible with the least effort.

Needless to say, these plans didn’t work out.

But I realized that as long as I was willing to change my thinking, and constantly be aiming towards something great for others, I would have success.

Here’s the amazing thing.

Helping others has actually helped me!
I have goals on my life, I’m putting in effort in helping others, both at work and at church. But this is rewarding me too!

Now I have other plans for my life. But I expect that the unexpected will happen too.

What are your plans leading you to?