Get on Board

It’s amazing how much we miss out on, just because we don’t turn up!

How often have you been invited out, and then just said “No” for no real good reason?

What happens when you say “Yes”?


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Challenge – Growth

In every experience that you go through, there is the potential to learn something new and gain something.

Whether it’s a good or bad experience, you can learn a lot about yourself and grow at the same time.

There was this girl called Esther, who got married to a king (please bear in mind that this was a long time ago) and he loved her very much, but he didn’t know about her background. A really important politician later ruled that all people of Esther’s religion should be killed. Now Esther would have been safe if she didn’t say anything, but her cousin reminded her that all the people she loved would die, and that she would never really be safe. She became strong and told the king about herself, and he stopped the politician from carrying out his plans.

This was not a happy experience for Esther, and it was challenging for her, but she told the truth and was accepted for who she was. She learned that being honest in the face of losing everything was actually what saved not only her, but thousands of others.

There may be some perfect days in this world, but we know that we will always face some kind of challenge every day.
Yet every challenge will bring a new reward – Whether it’s experience, something physical (like a bonus) or just something that you’ve learned, it’s a reward.
No matter the outcome, you are a changed person, and if you go through every day with the right attitude, you will come out stronger.

This is what I looked like most of the time about 3 1/2 years ago

Taken a few months ago, a complete change of heart

What experiences have you had today? What did you learn?