Just in time

I’m not exactly the best at getting things done in advance. Usually I get things done just in the nick of time.

It isn’t the best way to do things. It’s better to be prepared way in advance, and to know exactly what you’re going to do when an event comes up.
But even though that way is best, you shouldn’t give up if you haven’t prepared. Things can be done right up until the moment that something starts.

It’s the same with life.

It’s always best to live our lives the best way from the beginning. But even right up until the end, there is chance to change, and a hope for something better.

When are you going to make that choice?

Great Expectations

So many people have high expectations of others.

Parents expect their children to go to university, children expect their parents to be able to solve any problem, and patients expect their doctor to cure them.

These aren’t bad expectations. We should always hope the best for our children, trust in our parents and expect our doctors to try their best.

But how far should we go?

Some women expect their future partner to come riding in on a white horse, some parents expect their children to get perfect in every test and become high level executives, and some people expect others to be infallible.

Is putting that pressure on other people really a good thing?

Most children will lie to their parents at some stage in their life, and a lot of people will try to make themselves sound more important than they actually are. The reason? There is this emotional need to have people approve of them.

What are your expectations of others? Are they high enough to challenge them or so high that they are unattainable?

An Invitation

Easter is coming!

It’s the biggest event of the Christian yearly calender and there is no way you should miss it!
What does it involve?

Chocolate, friends, church and the most inspiring story you’ve ever heard in your life!

If you want to know about what Easter is really about, please click on the link below, and find your nearest Jesus Lifehouse!

And even better news…

If you can’t come, you can watch it on-line!

Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the biggest celebration of the year.

What does Easter mean to you?

It’s a New Day

It’s a New Life!

These are the opening words to one of my favourite songs.

I have been unable to post for a little while (sorry about that) but now I am back up and running!

Ok, the big news…

I moved to Sendai!

It’s a beautiful city with a wonderful heart. The people here are great, and I want to explore the whole town!

So the topic today?

Seize the Day

There are so many opportunities that come our way. It’s hard to just really figure out what to do. Do we turn left, right, go straight, make a U-turn… one thing is for sure, without making any decisions, we are just parked (Or, if like me you can’t drive, then standing still).

When someone gives you an opportunity, make a decision! whether it’s yes or no, make it not just a choice but a direction that you want to go in.
It could be a job opportunity, a date or just an invitation to a party, but think about where this decision will take you.

Do you want this type of job? will it take you to the career you truly want?
Do you like this person? Do you see yourself getting any further than just dating?
Is this party with people you like? Will it be a great opportunity to meet like-minded people?
If the answer to any of these questions is “No“, then of course the choice is obvious.
But when the answer is “Yes“, then don’t be afraid to grab hold of the opportunity and follow it to wherever it takes you.

What choices will you make today? Where will they take you?

Lights… Camera… Action!

Why is it so easy to sit back and do nothing when what we should be doing is obvious.

Everyone has something they want to do in their lives, whether for an immediate goal or for a long-term future plan. But not everyone is taking the action that they need to in order to achieve that goal.

Your goal may be to get your dream job, to find a partner, to have children, to do more with your life, or even something more general like get into a routine at home.
Whatever you want to do, sitting at home on the sofa is not going to help you achieve it. Unless your goal is to gain weight while vegetating, in which case I’ll say congratualtions. As for the rest of us, we need to get ourselves into gear.

You want a job? Get ready for it by getting educated, or reading up on it, or volunteering in an area related to it. Employers like people who are pro-active.
If you want a partner, well then you need to start talking to members of the opposite sex, or spending more time with the person you like. Sitting back and watching from afar only means waiting for another persons love story to unfold in front of your eyes.

If you want children, then spend some time with kids, get ready for when you do become a parent.
The idea isn’t to do some big drastic gesture, it’s just to take one small step off the starting block, followed by another, and hopefully another.

What action do you need to take next?

The Uncountable Truth

Grammatically speaking:

There is one truth, but many lies.

Lies are countable, The truth is uncountable.

What does that tell you?

The real truth, the one that can never be disputed, is something that never changes. Facts as we know them might change, but the truth has always been there, whether we recognise it or not.
the most famous example of this is the shape of the earth. People used to say that the earth was flat, and that you could fall off the edge. This was a scientific “fact” for many years, but then (with the help of Christopher Columbus) the western world realised the world was in fact, round. The truth never changed, we just discovered it.

Everyday we have opportunities to choose the truth, or hide behind lies. We can be who we truly are or deny it.


I choose to be true to who I am and what I believe every day. I don’t ask anyone else to pretend in front of me, but to be honest and true. Sometimes it’s hard to be who you really are, especially if you find yourself in an environment that makes you feel that you could never be totaly honest.

Of course there is a difference between honesty and tact, there is no way I’d encourage anyone to walk up to someone and say “By the way, you look great but you smell like a fish” or “Please tell me the name of your hairdresser so that I can be sure never to go there”. That would be stupid, untactful, and in some cases, suicidal.

What I’m talking about is the core of your soul. Who you really are, why you are who you are, and what you want to be.


Never deny that.


Do you want the countable lies or the uncountable truth?

Under the apple tree…

“Give… Why?!”

People are always saying that “hard word bears good fruit”, and “give and you’ll receive, just like planting seeds, you bear fruit in time”

I wanted to see just how much a person could get from planting just one seed. So I looked at apples. In one apple there aren’t that many seeds, so that’s easy right? Wrong.

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United Japan!

There isn’t much time left to be involved in United Japan in 2011.

To get everyone inspired, and to show everyone what really goes on, I made this video with footage from back in August.

Amazing video of the great hope that people are spreading in Japan.

Click here to see the YouTube video; united Japan! - August

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I Love my Friends

I have a lot of friends. Yay!

I’ve got friends at work, at church, in England and also just from randomly meeting people in Japan.  I had no idea that I could meet and keep in contact with so many people.

I think I used to have a problem with trust. Because I found it hard to truly trust people it was hard to let them close.

When I started at Jesus Lifehouse everything changed. My world exploded. I suddenly knew more people than I knew how to keep track of (thank God for Facebook).

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It took me a while to figure out what to do with them. The answer; Love them. And with love comes trust.

lf there’s anything that l know, it’s that love is infinite.

You can always make more when you need it.

 And just because you wanna give some to somebody else, doesn’t mean that you’ll take any away from me.

Twitches movie

It’s so simple. I’ll keep in contact with as many as I can and as often as I can, but the main thing is to think of them, to love them, and to hope for good things for them. (In my case I pray for them)

If I hadn’t opened up my heart and started trusting people again, I might still be able to count my friends only with my fingers (possibly my toes too)

Now I need a computer because I think the number of friends I have is possibly only calculable via algebra.

Are you making new friends? What’s stopping you?

Growth in Change

Recently there have been a lot of changes in the video team at church.

New members joining, old members moving on to other teams (and countries) and people stepping up into leadership.

My Leaders are amazing, I ask for a task to be done, and when I turn around again, not only did they do that task but they’ve seen problems, looked for solutions and trained each other in troubleshooting. I couldn’t ask for more than that of the people I’m putting my faith into.

As new members join, this aspect is more important than ever, that we can all rely on each other, and learn to do the things we never expected. I’ve told many people before that when I first joined the video team I could barely operate a camera, yet vision, determination and the willingness to learn something new was what brought me into being first a good team member, and now a leader. I see the dedication that my new/old members are putting into every day. I want to thank them and show them that they’ve made an amazing difference to the lives of every person who watches the Jesus Lifehouse Videos and listens to the MP3s.

Every small thing that we do brings people closer to Jesus, and that is no small feat, it is something to be marvelled at.

Change is uncomfortable, brings us into unfamiliar places and shakes our world. Japan is truly going through a time of change too. I have seen people who’ve been uprooted, lost so much and yet while some are lost and wandering, others continue with determination. The difference? Foundation.

An ever Changing ever-smiling team

If you have a strong unshakable Foundation in your life, then no matter what the changes around you are you will know what truely matters in your life. My foundation is God, and I’ve built up from that with faith, belief, hope, trust, sincerity and thoughts of others. This type of foundation is truly unshakable, because if I lose everything else, my Faith in God remains. I’ve thought a lot about the things I’ve lost in regards to the video team, I’ve lost potential team members along with stable and gifted leaders (not to mention cables, adapters and the occasional schedule). Through all that though, it never really occurred to me that it could be a bad thing. Losing leaders who move away or decide to serve in another are of passion means two good things.

1) They have a chance to do something amazing where they are going and he area they choose to serve in is going to benefit amazingly from their having passion for the team.

2) There is now an opportunity for someone to step up and grow into leadership.

I truly believe in change. I may feel uncomfortable, I may not want it, I may even try to fight it on occasion, but I will grow and learn from it. If I could possibly have any affect on this world, I’d make it so that all people could find the positive outcomes in even the most devastating changes.

So what’s your challenge in change? Stop trying to fight it and start using it!