Right now, I’m on the way home from a lunch in Sendai with others from Jesus Lifehouse. We met with the Tohoku Relief Homestay students.

I really had to challenge myself to wake up at 4am, but I did it! And even before I got there I thought it was totaly worth it. Friends together, singing, telling jokes and sharing stories. We all had the same vision on mind; to meet the young people who went on the Tohoku Relief Homestay and become great friends!

I’m really looking forward to going again.

This isn’t my first time to Sendai, but each time I’m faced with challenges:

1) Waking up ridiculously early

2) Car sickness
(I’m usually only able to be in a car for 1hr 30mins before feeling REAL bad)

3) Sometimes I’m not well on the day or leading up to it. (other than car sickness)

But I find that through focusing on the purpose, Jesus, and God’s plan, my challenges become hurdles to be jumped over:

1) I can wake up full of energy.

2) I don’t get car sick! -and we are in the car for up to 6hrs each way!!! (that’s a huge miracle for me).

3) I can feel better in the moments that I really need it. If I’m unwell while I’m the car, I’ll feel great when faced with the task I’ve set out to do.

It’s easy to lose focus on the important things in life. Whats your purpose in every task you do? How are you going to get it done? And lastly, how will you overcome the challenges that stand in your way?