Great Expectations

So many people have high expectations of others.

Parents expect their children to go to university, children expect their parents to be able to solve any problem, and patients expect their doctor to cure them.

These aren’t bad expectations. We should always hope the best for our children, trust in our parents and expect our doctors to try their best.

But how far should we go?

Some women expect their future partner to come riding in on a white horse, some parents expect their children to get perfect in every test and become high level executives, and some people expect others to be infallible.

Is putting that pressure on other people really a good thing?

Most children will lie to their parents at some stage in their life, and a lot of people will try to make themselves sound more important than they actually are. The reason? There is this emotional need to have people approve of them.

What are your expectations of others? Are they high enough to challenge them or so high that they are unattainable?

A Limitless Life

It’s really just too easy to say “I can’t”.

Why can’t you?

When I thought about coming to Japan for the first time, my initial thought was “it’s impossible”  – until a friend told me about teaching in Japan.

Now I’m here and living an amazing life with great friends in a great church.

So how can you take the limits off your life?

1. Break the fear of failure.  – stop thinking “I can’t” and start thinking “How can I?”

2. Shut out the Negative voices of others.
Listen to good advice of you want to do well.

3. Smash the limits you’ve put over your own life.
You’ll never get anywhere if you refuse to try.

Supermen at United Japan, found out they could do anything...

What are you trying to achieve?

I’m going to move to Sendai and help with the church up there. I stopped thinking about how it was impossible. I didn’t listen to others when they said that it would be a bad idea.
And I found an amazing job, with a great school and am now looking forward to a great future.

What is it that you need to smash to move forward?


Let’s try saying “How can I?”

With Thanks to JLH Tokyo‘s Lewis Rice for the advice.

United Japan!

There isn’t much time left to be involved in United Japan in 2011.

To get everyone inspired, and to show everyone what really goes on, I made this video with footage from back in August.

Amazing video of the great hope that people are spreading in Japan.

Click here to see the YouTube video; united Japan! - August

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Right now, I’m on the way home from a lunch in Sendai with others from Jesus Lifehouse. We met with the Tohoku Relief Homestay students.

I really had to challenge myself to wake up at 4am, but I did it! And even before I got there I thought it was totaly worth it. Friends together, singing, telling jokes and sharing stories. We all had the same vision on mind; to meet the young people who went on the Tohoku Relief Homestay and become great friends!

I’m really looking forward to going again.

This isn’t my first time to Sendai, but each time I’m faced with challenges:

1) Waking up ridiculously early

2) Car sickness
(I’m usually only able to be in a car for 1hr 30mins before feeling REAL bad)

3) Sometimes I’m not well on the day or leading up to it. (other than car sickness)

But I find that through focusing on the purpose, Jesus, and God’s plan, my challenges become hurdles to be jumped over:

1) I can wake up full of energy.

2) I don’t get car sick! -and we are in the car for up to 6hrs each way!!! (that’s a huge miracle for me).

3) I can feel better in the moments that I really need it. If I’m unwell while I’m the car, I’ll feel great when faced with the task I’ve set out to do.

It’s easy to lose focus on the important things in life. Whats your purpose in every task you do? How are you going to get it done? And lastly, how will you overcome the challenges that stand in your way?