…Try, Try Again!

If at first you don’t succeed… try, try again!

It’s the same for things you don’t like! I sometime get way to set in my ways, but I’ve been helped to realize many times recently that I shouldn’t be so hung up!

Three examples.
  1. Vinegar. Once I realized that the taste made me feel sick, I just avoided all dressings, sauces and anything that might possibly have vinegar. Recently I had a great salad with Thai dressing, it had a lot of vinegar in it but after trying it, I loved it. I decided to try things with vinegar in from then on.
  2. Coffee. This week I tried coffee twice.  The first time was very strong black Italian coffee, I didn’t hate it as I usually do, but it was way too strong and bitter for me. And tonight I tried vanilla caffè latte (I think). And I loved it! Even my mum and sister were surprised after I posted on Facebook and Twitter about it.

  3. Church. My whole life I was prejudiced against it.
    Thinking it was boring and quiet and only strange people who shout at you in the street go there. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I found Jesus Lifehouse so surprisingly active, loud and full of bright people who actually listened to what I had to say. I was so overwhelmed that I’d decided never to go back. Eventually I did, my prejudice was overcome, and now I love going!

So what are you being too stubborn to try again?

Get real, Step up

I’ve been watching a Korean Drama called “Full House”

The storyline is the type to get me hooked, and there are a lot of funny moments but there is something I want to say to the characters.

“Get real, Step up”

Half the problems in Dramas can be solved so easily.

Here are some great tips for drama characters.

  1. When you feel bad, don’t go out and get drunk, you might end up married to a stranger
  2. Make an effort in the relationship you are in, don’t let it get stale. 
  3. Date/marry someone you actually like
  4. don’t insult the person you love. It creates misunderstandings.
I think that there is something good in dramas though.

In every good drama I’ve seen the happy ending comes because the main character/s have seen what they did wrong and truly want to change. It’s only once we’ve gained insight and taken action ourselves that we can really make a difference in our lives.

For people in Dramas I think this comes too late. (although if all the characters were following my tips it would make for some very short dramas, Boy and girl meet, they like each other, are nice to each other, the guy asks the girl out, they fall in love and get married and live a wonderful life, the end)

Honestly, I want the real (and short, less melodramatic) thing.

The real thing! click here for Tess' blog

I don’t want to be a character in a fairytale, drama or movie. I want to live a happy, real life.

I want to go to Jesus Lifehouse Sendai, live a great life, and meet a great guy (not necessarily in that order).

What type of person are you dreaming of being.

The Uncountable Truth

Grammatically speaking:

There is one truth, but many lies.

Lies are countable, The truth is uncountable.

What does that tell you?

The real truth, the one that can never be disputed, is something that never changes. Facts as we know them might change, but the truth has always been there, whether we recognise it or not.
the most famous example of this is the shape of the earth. People used to say that the earth was flat, and that you could fall off the edge. This was a scientific “fact” for many years, but then (with the help of Christopher Columbus) the western world realised the world was in fact, round. The truth never changed, we just discovered it.

Everyday we have opportunities to choose the truth, or hide behind lies. We can be who we truly are or deny it.


I choose to be true to who I am and what I believe every day. I don’t ask anyone else to pretend in front of me, but to be honest and true. Sometimes it’s hard to be who you really are, especially if you find yourself in an environment that makes you feel that you could never be totaly honest.

Of course there is a difference between honesty and tact, there is no way I’d encourage anyone to walk up to someone and say “By the way, you look great but you smell like a fish” or “Please tell me the name of your hairdresser so that I can be sure never to go there”. That would be stupid, untactful, and in some cases, suicidal.

What I’m talking about is the core of your soul. Who you really are, why you are who you are, and what you want to be.


Never deny that.


Do you want the countable lies or the uncountable truth?

Focusing through the challenges

When a big event is going to happen in my life, or something that I’m really looking forward to is drawing near, people can have a tendency to feel suddenly unmotivated, or even fall ill.

I’ve had a request to talk more about overcoming this.

Whether psychosomatic, or an actual illness, the fact is that you feel bad. This is either the result of stress or an imbalance in your body’s chemistry.
I like to think of it as a challenge.

As a child and a teen, when I had a vacation, a dance recital or just an amazing opportunity come up, I’d start to feel sick closer to the day.

I missed out on so much because of this.

As an adult, I’ve faced the same situation. But I now see it as a challenge to rise up and take the opportunity that will let me enjoy something that I’d otherwise have missed out on.

Here’s how I rise up.

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Chinese Whispers (Broken Telephone)

It’s really easy to believe in people, but it’s altogether too easy to lose faith in people.

Today your world could be built up, or torn down. So it all depends; how are you going to react to the things that people do or say?

Rumours and gossip have been known to create false hope and destroy real dreams. Personally I refuse to listen to them. If possible I try to change the topic of conversation. I’d rather go straight to the source, or not think about it at all. It’s a pity if everyone keeps passing rumours and gossip on.

I don’t accept anything I hear by ‘word of mouth’ as the truth. I always do my best to keep an open mind, not make quick judgements and remember that every rumour is like playing a round of ‘Chinese Whispers’. A game where every time you tell a friend a story, it changes, so by the end it sounds like something completely different. image taken from http://ssaxby.prblogs.org/files/2010/08/ChineseWhispers.png( This game is known in some other western countries as “Broken Telephone” )

If we are all just listening to the truth and keeping to what we know as truth, then how could anything get so distorted as that? I want to change at least my small portion of the world, so that we can all think a little clearer, and perhaps even think better of each other…

Do you really want to make life-changing decisions based on a game of Chinese whispers?

Your own word

On Wednesday I heard a great message from pastor Rod.
He told us about living in the word of God.
One of my favourite words is:
For god did not give you a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, love and self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

This scripture has helped me to quit bad habits, lose weight and resist temptation. It’s also helping me to save money to move to Sendai.

It’s great to have a word like this in your heart, it’s encouraging and challenging at the same time.

Now if only I can get it to work on Chocolate.