Pancake Day!

Ok, so pancake day was ages ago, and it’s not really celebrated in Japan. But I missed it this year, and I wanted PANCAKES

My friend came over, and we made pancakes with fresh sweet mango sauce! (Comment if you want the recipe)

Topped with ice cream and fresh Mangos, and vanilla macadamia nut coffee on the side, I can say that this was in the top ten of my favourite brunches!


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Hi all!

Check out this new blog from LEX (below)

If you are in Sendai and hoping to learn a new language (Japanese/English) you should come and check out this place.

Every wednesday night and Sunday lunchtime, it’s the hottest place to be, and the coolest Language Exchange programme going.

Sponsored by Lifehouse Sendai, a local church, it’s free, fun, new and exciting.

Come, talk, make friends and have a great time!

There’s no obligation, enrollment, hidden fees or commitment necessary. Come and check it out, and see if you like it! It’s that simple..



Language Exchange makes it easier for me! LEXのおかげで楽になってきてる!.


lexJLH Sendai

The best laid plans

I had a day off – original plan looked something like this…

But instead it went something like this…

  1. Hear flatmates talking and laughing – wake up.
  2. make coffee
  3. receive unexpected guests in my pajamas
  4. go and pick-up coffee table and rice-cooker
  5. Go to a friend’s house and make COOKIES
  6. Come home and do spontaneous karaoke from my iPad with flatmate
  7. do cross-stitch while watching my friends play-fight

Isn’t it wonderful when the best laid plans go to pot?!


lexJLH Sendai

Japanese Food Is Awesome

Went to DATE‘s old summer house for dinner.

japanese food

It was the most awesome Japanese Food Experience.

Food comes in Boxes, There was a set of Armor behind me, and thee authentic atmosphere was amazing.

Date food
The company was the best, though.


Mentioned in japan Daily via twitter : @GoodBlogPosts46: The Japan Daily is out! Stories via @flippyflopfloop @wasabi_culture

lexJLH Sendai

Sendai International Costume Party

インターナショナル コスチューム パーティー!


40名マックスなので、早い者勝ち!お申し込みは LifehouseSendai@gmail.comへ!

International Costume Party!

Dinner, drink, and a chance to make international friends for a mere ¥1,500!

40-person limit, so sign up fast! All you have to do is mail!

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What is it about Sendai?

It was both an easy decision, and a difficult one to decide to move here.

I knew I’d be leaving my friends, job, and beautiful room back in Tokyo, as well as distancing myself further from my wonderful family back in sunny old England.

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I don’t talk about it on this blog often, but church is amazing!


It’s a wonderful place full of people with vision, hope love and a future. Continue reading