Up the Hill! – Celebrating small successes

The day before writing this post, I achieved something.

I got all the way up the hill on my bicycle without having to get off and walk!

When I got home, I shared this with my roommates, who immediately hugged my and celebrated with me.

Am I an athlete? – No

Am I disabled and overcoming a huge impasse in my life? – no

Am I trying to make a difference in my life by being healthier? – Yes.

Not that steep, but it goes pretty far!

Not that steep, but it goes pretty far!


This was not a huge victory over a large obstacle, this was not an amazing success compared to others. – but the first step to being successful, and helping others to be successful, too, is to

celebrate the small successes.

by celebrating this small fact, and the ones that come after, I am ensuring myself of further successes.

2nd anniversary

So when you hear that something was achieved, don’t belittle it’s value, just celebrate!

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Learning about success

What I’m learning from John Maxwell (online):

Lots of people define success by: I got that job! Or I graduated university!

But success isn’t defined by what job or qualification you have. It’s not a failure when you get a different job, or stay on another year to study.

Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Every moment that you make the right decision for the right reason is a success.

Choose to work hard at whatever you do, make good connections, trust the right friends and obey the principles that you want to live by.

If you do this daily it’s a pathway not to success, but of success.

The day you get your diploma, or get that job or award, is when you are recognised for the successes you’ve had.

Are you being successful in your everyday life?