How high are your standards?

Sometimes Its strange how the standards I set for myself are different from what the world accepts.

Do not be confirmed to the pattern of this world

When the world says

just enough is ok

I choose to do the best I can.

When teachers say

it’s ok as long as you get through to one child

I chose to do my best on one short year to touch the lives of every child I meet.

When the media says

This is how the world works; people dying, cheating,lying and hurting others

I say I want to do better!

What standards do you set for yourself and can you do better?

The gifts we give.

How to be gifted;

Very few people on this world are born with a talent that will exceed everybody else. But everyone has the ability to become amazingly gifted in something.

Here are some tips;

1. Find your passion
What do you love, could you spend all day doing it?
I love so many things. How could I possibly narrow that down?

2. Bring your passion into your current skill set.
What are you naturally gifted at?
– write it down.
I can write well (I hope you agree if you’re reading this) and teach well.

What could you be paid for?
Well, I’m already paid for teaching… Yay!
But not yet for writing.

Where those three areas overlap is where we find how to achieve our vision for the future.

But here’s the catch:
We can make our plans we can’t determine our path in life.
Plans change. We need to make sure that we are listening to the right people and choosing to listen to the right advice.

Still, we can’t plan every step of our future.

What is your passion and vision?