A Limitless Life

It’s really just too easy to say “I can’t”.

Why can’t you?

When I thought about coming to Japan for the first time, my initial thought was “it’s impossible”  – until a friend told me about teaching in Japan.

Now I’m here and living an amazing life with great friends in a great church.

So how can you take the limits off your life?

1. Break the fear of failure.  – stop thinking “I can’t” and start thinking “How can I?”

2. Shut out the Negative voices of others.
Listen to good advice of you want to do well.

3. Smash the limits you’ve put over your own life.
You’ll never get anywhere if you refuse to try.

Supermen at United Japan, found out they could do anything...

What are you trying to achieve?

I’m going to move to Sendai and help with the church up there. I stopped thinking about how it was impossible. I didn’t listen to others when they said that it would be a bad idea.
And I found an amazing job, with a great school and am now looking forward to a great future.

What is it that you need to smash to move forward?


Let’s try saying “How can I?”

With Thanks to JLH Tokyo‘s Lewis Rice for the advice.


United Japan!

There isn’t much time left to be involved in United Japan in 2011.

To get everyone inspired, and to show everyone what really goes on, I made this video with footage from back in August.

Amazing video of the great hope that people are spreading in Japan.

Click here to see the YouTube video; united Japan! - August

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Are you missing out?

I read something great this morning.

The whole focus was on this amazing world, and that so many things happen in it that we don’t see. I love this world, and although I can’t say that this world is perfect, I think that for me this planet is exactly how it needs to be, and is going to be better.

This wonderful place is full of great things. None of which cost a thing to create. Animals, trees, rivers, oceans (yes, people in Japan can of course still love the ocean) and people!

It’s easy to just be so busy just waking up, working and going to sleep that we can miss everything around us.

I went to Jesus Lifehouse Hong Kong a couple of years ago, and spent all my time just meeting people, going to church, and looking around at what was happening around me.

I want to do that more here in Tokyo. I’ll go to work, go to Jesus Lifehouse Tokyo, and just look around and meet people, because I’m more than just sleep and work.

When I get to Sendai, I’ll work, meet people and go to Jesus Lifehouse Sendai.

Are you starting to see a pattern?

This is my Life, and I want it to be great and filled with memories of this beautiful world, not just passed through because I’m too busy to appreciate it.

I want to take more time to really appreciate everything and everyone around me. How much time are you spending on that?

Click here to see what I read this morning.

Sendai Bound; Building Leaders

I said a little in my previous post, but here’s the Big News:

I’m moving to Sendai!!!!

I’m planning on leaving next March/April time. And I’m really looking forward to it.

The reason?
Jesus Lifehouse Sendai.

It’s just started, and I’m going there to help out. It’s big. It’s life-changing. It’s all for the vision.

I can’t think of anything better than to do my best for something that’s close to my heart. As a leader it’s hard to contemplate leaving my Lifegroup girls and the teams I serve, but I know that the people I’ve been building up are more than able to cope without me. It’s not sad, it’s truth!

So the point; leaders build up leaders, not followers. That way they know that come what may, the vision, drive and skill that they fought so hard for will always be passed on.

I’m glad to have Key, Solid people to rely on.

Are you building up leaders or training followers?

Commitment = Growth

I’ve recently been talking a lot to my team members about commitment.

The basic point: Tell me when you can come, and if you can’t, let me know.

Is this because I need to feel in control? No.

Is it because I need to report to others? – well, a little (I’m not going to lie to you)

Is it because I’m aiming for growth – Most definitely.

If you think about businesses, why is it that they ask you to come to a set schedule, attend training and commit to spending a certain amount of time in the company?

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Getting Organised

I am not a naturally organised person. When I am organised, it means that I’ve really worked hard on it.

There are areas of my life that even now need some work and I’ll be the first to admit it! But I’m happy to say that I’ve been working hard for both the video team and my LifeGroup.

As I’ve slowly started implementing organisation into the team, it’s been easier to see not only the weakness of the team as a whole, but also the strengths.

Our biggest strength has always been passion. People who remain in a team for a long time have an amazing passion for video and/or church. This doesn’t start this way, but it can grow when you put your time and effort into it. However, We’ve recently discovered that communication was a area that definitely needed to be developed. It’s amazing how simple the answer can be to a multitude of problems. Not enough people for recording the service, or cables in the wrong place, people not knowing where to go or when to get there. Now that we’ve started getting organised in the way we schedule, and before each service, those problems have all but dissapeared.

How do we get organised?

In our team we have started getting together 15 minutes before each service. we have three key things to do before we start.

  1. Delegate
  2. Pray
  3. Check

Building a Team – New Leaders!

Recently there’s been a change of leadership in the Video Team.

Laura has moved from Sunday’s to Saturdays, and is building up a team from scratch! It takes dedication and a will to keep going, but I believe in her and her love for church and people. I can’t think of a better choice.

Andy Has Moved into Leadership and so has Eiki! They are new to leadership but they have amazing hearts, dedication and potential.

And a new Sub-Leader of the video team overall, Victor. His passion, dedication and vision for the team and for church is just so amazing that I wanted to spread it out through the rest of the team.

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Growth in Change

Recently there have been a lot of changes in the video team at church.

New members joining, old members moving on to other teams (and countries) and people stepping up into leadership.

My Leaders are amazing, I ask for a task to be done, and when I turn around again, not only did they do that task but they’ve seen problems, looked for solutions and trained each other in troubleshooting. I couldn’t ask for more than that of the people I’m putting my faith into.

As new members join, this aspect is more important than ever, that we can all rely on each other, and learn to do the things we never expected. I’ve told many people before that when I first joined the video team I could barely operate a camera, yet vision, determination and the willingness to learn something new was what brought me into being first a good team member, and now a leader. I see the dedication that my new/old members are putting into every day. I want to thank them and show them that they’ve made an amazing difference to the lives of every person who watches the Jesus Lifehouse Videos and listens to the MP3s.

Every small thing that we do brings people closer to Jesus, and that is no small feat, it is something to be marvelled at.

Change is uncomfortable, brings us into unfamiliar places and shakes our world. Japan is truly going through a time of change too. I have seen people who’ve been uprooted, lost so much and yet while some are lost and wandering, others continue with determination. The difference? Foundation.

An ever Changing ever-smiling team

If you have a strong unshakable Foundation in your life, then no matter what the changes around you are you will know what truely matters in your life. My foundation is God, and I’ve built up from that with faith, belief, hope, trust, sincerity and thoughts of others. This type of foundation is truly unshakable, because if I lose everything else, my Faith in God remains. I’ve thought a lot about the things I’ve lost in regards to the video team, I’ve lost potential team members along with stable and gifted leaders (not to mention cables, adapters and the occasional schedule). Through all that though, it never really occurred to me that it could be a bad thing. Losing leaders who move away or decide to serve in another are of passion means two good things.

1) They have a chance to do something amazing where they are going and he area they choose to serve in is going to benefit amazingly from their having passion for the team.

2) There is now an opportunity for someone to step up and grow into leadership.

I truly believe in change. I may feel uncomfortable, I may not want it, I may even try to fight it on occasion, but I will grow and learn from it. If I could possibly have any affect on this world, I’d make it so that all people could find the positive outcomes in even the most devastating changes.

So what’s your challenge in change? Stop trying to fight it and start using it!

The importance of being earnest

Over the past few years I’ve found that if your intentions are not right, then you won’t get the results that you want. some examples of this are:


  • Giving someone a gift, but you know they don’t want it, so maybe you’ll get to keep it or use it yourself  —  The result? Although you may get the thing you want, the level of friendship and love that you had with that person will be marred.
  • Going to a place you know you don’t like just to see someone you have a crush on  —  The result? You may get to know that person better, but he/she may have a false impression of you.
  • Looking like a different person in different places, in order to get the promotion you want, the partner you hope for and the social life you always wanted  — The result? Maybe you get all that, but you need to compartmentalize every part of your life, and never let it cross over. Wo betide the person that is out with friends and bumps into the boss, or the one who can never let their partner see what they do for work.


These are just a few examples of how not only our actions, but our intentions can really make a difference.


I am not a perfect person, no man or woman on this earth is, but I try to “check my heart” every day. I know that the reason I’m teaching is not for the early finishing hours (which are nice by the way), but for the passion I have in raising up the younger generation. Since I changed my job last April, I’ve seen exactly how much affect one person, or one team of people can really change a child. If there’s a person around you that is only doing what they are for self-interest, or as a means to an end, then you feel it. If not on a conscious level, then a subconscious level.

In my life it’s important to me that those closest to me are only those with intentions that are sincere. If a person’s intention in getting to know me is that they like me or want to like me, then they’ll have made a good friend.  If their intention is to get through me to another person, or get something that I can give them, then I’ll be keeping them at a distance.


It’s the same with my team. I know that the people in my team are there to serve the church, and build the team. Perhaps video isn’t their passion, but that’s ok, it doesn’t have to be. I’m really impressed by the sincerity, integrity, and commitment of my team. Though we’ll grow, change and move around, or even move into different areas of the church, I will never cease to be made glad of what we have done, are doing, and will continue to do together.

My intentions in writing this blog?

For those who want a real look into what it is to be a leader, for those who want to see what my team and Life group is doing, and to give people a vision for church, leadership and the video team!

Stepping Back to Move Forward

There was a stage not too long ago when I was involved with many varying teams of the Jesus LifeHouse Tokyo.

I was in the Worship choir, The interior creative team, the video team, the pod-casting team,  and the follow-up team.

All of these teams are amazing, and gave me a great zeal for the church, but of course I was spread too thin all-round. I stopped growing myself, and could only partially help in each area, not having enough time to dedicate myself to any projects.

At that time I could only think of how much I wanted to serve the church, and how much I loved Video, music, art and people. I didn’t realise that because I wasn’t focusing, I couldn’t move forward in any area, and so I stayed the same for a while.

It took a conversation with My leader Tess to understand that I was only hurting myself. Like trying to grow a tree in threes different pots at the same time. It just can’t grow! It needs to be in firm stable earth. That’s what I needed.

I decided to Step back from my other duties, to be less involved in some areas, and be more involved in Video team. After that I found a new passion and spark for the team that I hadn’t known before. I felt far more at peace, took the time to learn more, and get more involved in projects. I’m still involved in other areas of the church, but I know what my Priorities are, and I’m always moving forward.

As for the video team? We’re moving forward too.  We are going through a time of change and challenge, but now, more than ever (after the earthquake) we realise the importance of getting the word of God out there, to everyone that we can. The largest challenge? Finding people with vision and passion to build the church – I believe that those people we have now are amazing, and I believe for others like them.

I believe in Jesus Lifehouse TV