All good things…

I’m in Sendai today!!!

I’m really thankfull for the three friends who’ve blessed me by letting me stay in their house tonight, and for my company who are providing a place for me to stay in while training.

I met some amazing people at street-band, and look forward to our growing friendship!
I can’t wait to go to JLH tomorrow. It’s going to be epic!
I’m really having a hard time being patient and looking for a place here to live, I just feel that I want to find a place soon! but still, I want to find a place that is right for my needs and I can use as an open house.
Still, patience is a virtue, and I’m hoping for the right place to come along.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?



In preparing to move to sendai I need to take on the very daunting task of throwing out stuff.

Actually this is a lot harder than it looks, because I’m a bit of a hoarder.

Hoarder - a person who accumulates things and hides them away for future use
I’m not pathological and I do have times of just having clear outs, but it does build up over time.
It’s a good thing I move around so much otherwise packing this time wouldn’t just be a challenge, it’d be a nightmare to compare with turning up at the wrong company on the first day of work. (Yeah, I had that one)
But here’s the thing; Now I have a much greater purpose than keeping all these unnecessary things. I’m moving to Sendai to help Jesus Lifehouse there.  My old clutter, which will only be in the way, needs to go.


It was the same thing when I first started going to Jesus Lifehouse in Tokyo, I had a lot of emotional clutter, and I needed a clear out. Just like I’m assessing my stuff now as to what to keep and what to throw/give away, I had to throw out my anxiety, my hurt, and my inability to let people get close.

Me, before I could open up (figuratively, not literally, it's a metaphor thing)

Now, I am happier, I can more easily get over hurt, and I love my close friends so much that I tell them that every time I see that.

Whatever happens in your life, are you taking the time to make sure that you aren’t dragging unnecessary rubbish with you?

United Japan!

There isn’t much time left to be involved in United Japan in 2011.

To get everyone inspired, and to show everyone what really goes on, I made this video with footage from back in August.

Amazing video of the great hope that people are spreading in Japan.

Click here to see the YouTube video; united Japan! - August

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The Importance of accepting thanks

Today was an amazing day at church.

Everyone was having fun, I got to see all of my friends, and I felt that everything was really coming together. I felt that my team is also really working on getting passion into their lives.

Today, while working on cables, I realised someone was behind me. It turned out to be pastor Rod. I knew I was in the way so when I saw him I apologised, but he got there first. The thing he said to me? “Thank you, Good Job.” I Just about got out my “Sorry” as he was saying it, but I realised that I wasn’t expecting to be thanked for what I was doing. Yet knowing that my Job is worth being thanked for is amazing.

Blowing bubbles at Saitama super arena

Accepting thanks can lead to a mind at ease.

Right now my only dark spot in the day is where I could have said “Your welcome” or “thank you too”. But I know that the best thing is to be thankful for thanks.

I long ago disregarded the old expressions,  “oh no, it was nothing really…” and “there’s no need to thank me…” because I am certain that it was something, that there is a need to say thanks. I can’t think of  accepting someone’s gift without thanks, so why not accept someone’s thanks without worry?

We all of us know how to thank people, and thank others for every small thing. Yet we never show our appreciation for receiving thanks. Is this human nature? Humility and modesty must have a limit!!!

The same should go with compliments:

“You look nice today” – “Thank you”

“That was a great job” – “I was glad to do it”

“You’re so handsome/beautiful” – “Thanks”

It’s not so hard to do, yet so many are scared to acknowledge thanks. Let’s work hard together to understand that we are being thanked for a reason, and that reason is not to be sniffed at.