When one Door closes…

A window is opened.

I love the idea that even when you make plans in your life, anything can happen to shake them up.

When I was 17, my plans for my life were big, but not great.

I thought only of what I wanted. What I could get out of life, and what would give me as much as possible with the least effort.

Needless to say, these plans didn’t work out.

But I realized that as long as I was willing to change my thinking, and constantly be aiming towards something great for others, I would have success.

Here’s the amazing thing.

Helping others has actually helped me!
I have goals on my life, I’m putting in effort in helping others, both at work and at church. But this is rewarding me too!

Now I have other plans for my life. But I expect that the unexpected will happen too.

What are your plans leading you to?