Golden week is coming!

(about a week’s holiday in Japan)

Grab your friends, see a movie, go shopping, go see a motorbike race. Do something!

Don’t just sit at home, playing the computer and watching Tv. You’ll feel that you didn’t get a real break when you get back to work. (trust the voice of experience)

And yes, if that means you don’t read the rest of this blog, that’s fine too! Just get up and go!

When someone asks you:
“What did you do with your time off?”
What do you want to be able to say?

When one Door closes…

A window is opened.

I love the idea that even when you make plans in your life, anything can happen to shake them up.

When I was 17, my plans for my life were big, but not great.

I thought only of what I wanted. What I could get out of life, and what would give me as much as possible with the least effort.

Needless to say, these plans didn’t work out.

But I realized that as long as I was willing to change my thinking, and constantly be aiming towards something great for others, I would have success.

Here’s the amazing thing.

Helping others has actually helped me!
I have goals on my life, I’m putting in effort in helping others, both at work and at church. But this is rewarding me too!

Now I have other plans for my life. But I expect that the unexpected will happen too.

What are your plans leading you to?


I forgot my change!

Sometimes change is difficult and comes with a price.

(literally, I mean have you ever moved house?!)

But without change there is no growth of mind or spirit.

Jobs for example. When you get a job there’s a lot to learn and you grow quickly, but what if you are only doing the same thing everyday with no change whatsoever? Pretty soon you will know all you need to know about that job and  just have repetitive days where nothing changes.
What’s the result then?
You don’t learn anything new.
You don’t meet anyone new.
You lose enthusiasm for what you are doing.
Blowing bubbles at Saitama super arena

Just doing something a little different can make a big difference

The answer?


I am NOT suggesting that everyone out there go and quit their job. That should never be your first choice. What I am suggesting is that you find a way to challenge yourself. Make a change in how you approach your work, try something new, make opportunities to help your company. Do anything but sit there and be stagnant.
 If I was staying in Tokyo, I’d be looking to shake up my routine, and get out of my current thinking. I’d look for ways to improve my classes, and become more efficient. I love my job and wish I could take it with me to Sendai.
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I love my job

So many people just think of work as a necessary evil or just something that needs to be done. I think that it’s possible that those people have the wrong job!

I love my job, and spending my time doing what I love most. Of course I can’t say that every day is happy happy joy joy, but I do my best to see all the good things. Ok, so sometimes life feels like: work, eat, sleep, wake up, work eat and sleep again, but why not embrace the work part? Think of the fact that there are people there you can connect with, and what you are contributing as a person to something larger than yourself!

I’m going to do my best to embrace every day at work and look forward to it. What are you going to do?