What’s this?


I’m Tamsyn (full name Tamsyn Leanne Burkert),

aka Tam, Tams, Tammy, spam (hi dad), Tamsyn-Leanne (hello college friends), Jasmine (?!), hey you, and ummm… (almost everyone after the first time they hear my name)

I’ve started this blog to share about what it is to be one of a team of people building up Jesus Lifehouse Sendai and hopefully inspire people, and build up others.
I moved to Japan a few years ago, and since then my whole life has fipped upside down, and believe me, this was a good thing.
I have a sense of purpose in my life, and the drive to do something about it.
I want to talk about issues which affect our daily lives, and ask questions which will make people think.
I will continue to share my thoughts, and my vision with anyone who wants to read this blog. So please watch this space!

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